K and M provides a service that most land firms cannot. Our consultants work with our land agents to strategically plan the construction of a drillsite for every type of surface provision in a lease and to oversee that each sight is reclaimed correctly. K and M consultants over look the construction of pad sites and lease roads insuring a site is built properly in order to stay ahead of a drilling schedule. Consultants take bids for sites from competing contractors to provide the client with a competitive cost.

This process is used to cure, or fix any problems or holes in a chain of title after the tract has been reviewed by a Title Attorney and a Title Opinion is rendered. K and M and its agents are exceptional in all aspects of Title Curative to include, but is not limited to creating documents for correcting leases, ratifying royalty owners, researching information to prepare Affidavits, working with financial institutes for subordination agreements, and procuring probates in other counties or states.

Cursory Title begins at the Railroad commission researching surveys determining if a tract is/has been drilled upon or has been pooled into a producing unit. After confirming no operations are being conducted, the last ten years of title are examined in a prospective area to determine if the tracts are under lease or open to be leased (Lease check). The next step, research begins around 1900 and is a quick and accurate search of mineral ownership to determine all of the undivided owners of record and the current surface owner(s).

Whether it be drillsite locations, lease roads, or pipelines, at K and M we understand the sensitivity of land owners, many whom have no mineral rights. Our ability to efficiently and affordably negotiate damages leaves both parties content with the results. All of our negotiators, depending on the state, have the required license or permits to conduct such business.

Although this has many names, when it comes down to it, they are all the same, a complete runsheet prepared for an Oil and Gas Attorney. This involves the examination of every type of document that may have affected the property filed in the County Clerks Offices, Appraisal District, Tax Office, District Clerks Office and Abstract office of that county or other counties where an owner may have lived or passed away. K and M and its agents are experienced in providing title services for some of the most complex tracts of land in East Texas.

K and M is experienced with the buying and selling of producing properties or lease hold, in which a client is no longer interested in pursuing. We are proficient at determining the accurate ownership of the seller’s interest. This process involves the examination of multiple types of records, financial statements, production records of the buyer’s wells and surrounding wells, title records, oil and gas leases, tax records, and multiple types of contracts.

Protecting the environment is an important factor when entering into any project. Features such as wetlands, floodplains, and forests are regulated features that must be carefully considered and worked into the overall project layout. K and M can assist with everything from wetlands delineation to environmental site delineation, FEMA floodplain insurance certifications and stream crossing permitting.

Oil and gas reservoirs are found in porous rock formations that also usually contain significant amounts of saltwater. The saltwater produced with oil and gas (sometimes referred to as produced water), as well as hydraulic fracturing flowback fluid (if a well undergoes hydraulic fracturing stimulation treatment), must be disposed of in a manner that will not cause or allow the potential for pollution of surface or subsurface waters. With licensed real estate agents on staff, K and M has the capability to service the unique and specified needs of buying injection well sites.

K and M offers diverse and flexible mapping (GIS) services to a variety of clients. The mapping department has the resources and experience to provide cost effective mapping and data services to clients across a spectrum of project types. Quality projects delivered at reasonable rates demonstrate the effectiveness of our services. K and M can handle your utility or specialty mapping needs, small or large to help your organization meet your goals and find project efficiency.

No matter the size, large or small projects, our agents can assist with any of your leasing needs. When leasing our agents work to provide our clients with the fairest and most accurate lease in a timely manner, diligently working to keep the client under budget.

There are multiple types of permitting for County Roads and State Highways. Roads and highways have to be permitted for pipeline crossings through the correct authority depending on state and county. Before transporting equipment from one site to the other, roads and routes must be permitted for use. K and M surface agents stay updated with drilling schedules and pad site construction to insure all transportation routes are current.

Rules and regulations vary from state and county for the process of permitting oil and gas wells. K and M utilizes all resources in order to comply and meet the standards of the client as well as staying within all required guidelines. Our experience includes but is not limited to working hand and hand with the Railroad Commission employees, to be involved in every aspect with the well permitting process.

Selecting the most cost efficient route may be the most important part of the pipeline phase. In order to select a route from point A to point B, the company needs to be familiar with the area between the two stations. What is out there? K and M pulls all aerial maps for the area locating rivers, marshes, lakes, and any wetlands. Next, we look for federal lands, state lands, and cemeteries. Then, we locate rights-of-way for roads, railroads, and any other pipelines in the area before researching tax ownership maps and information to plan the most cost efficient route.

We pride ourselves in the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve the needs of our clients. We carefully take into consideration constraints such as time and budget. The quality of our landmen and work is never sacrificed. We apply knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.

Right-of-Way Acquisition includes route selection, survey coordination, appraisal, title, data management, stakeholder communications and contract negotiations. With title agents, negotiators, surveyors, and mappers on staff, K and M can be your one-stop-shop for all your Right-of-Way Acquisition needs.

Seismic Permitting requires talented land agents who can multitask and be readily available 24 hours a day. Seismic permitting involves dealing with all types of land owners from ranchers to corporate facilities. After acquiring the surface and mineral permits the real work begins. We coordinate with the survey and geophysical crews, highway departments, policing agencies and landowners in order to safely and productively complete seismic activities. Our agents are available to access all tracts to keep the field crews actively moving forward.

When creating boundaries for unitizing multiple tracts of land with numerous mineral owners, an agent has to be knowledgeable in various aspects of landwork. This involves knowing what tracts and percentages of theses tracts are leased, the provisions in all of the leases so that one may not hinder you from allowing a tract to be unitized, the rules and regulations set forth by the Rail Road Commission, and maps and data calculated by the field survey crews.